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Temporary Address

Monday, January 18, 2016

Molly's Writing Group

Hey, Ho, Readers,

Molly here, canine author of The Molly Chronicles. Today I’m honing my writing skills at the Pinole Library Writers’ Group. Eddie, (human) has given us a prompt to write about: If you were reincarnated into a non-human form, what would you be?  

 I remember that Buster, my Chihuahua publicist, has been on my case to get out there and hustle my book.  I incorporate that into my writing.

I close my collie eyes and imagine myself as something really splashy and showy.
A Chinese New Year’s dragon!  I download some clip art for inspiration.



I decide. I am a dragon thirty feet long, with a forty foot wing span, and yellow, orange, red and gold scales.  And streaming behind me, a sky-blue banner tells the world, “buy The Molly Chronicles on sale on Amazon for only $12.45.”

And I can see myself parading in front of Barnes and Nobles bookstores throughout the country, my scales flashing gold in the sunshine, and  the scent of  cloves wafting out of my smoking nostrils.
Meanwhile, Buster is attracting attention yapping and dancing around me on his hind legs. With each bark, his stubby tail jerks downward in enthusiasm. And, my human walks under my wing  passing out the books and collecting money.
And people throw liver snacks to me as I pass by.


Your Friend,
(author - The Molly Chronicles)